Shocking Laser Tag Game Ultimate Laser Gun Combat (2 Pack)

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Shocking Lasers by Paladone Products take shooting games to a new level with a shocking twist. Each Shocking Laser Gun contains an electroplated handle through which a low level shock is emitted each time you are hit. Shocking Lasers is a great game for anyone over the age of 14.

The Shocking Lasers game contains two laser guns. Each Shocking Laser Gun has a reload function, three life indicators, a sensor to detect your opponents laser and the all important on/off switch. Once activated, you have five shots. Aim at the sensor on your opponent’s gun and if you hit it, your opponent will receive a harmless electric shock. Wrist straps are included to prevent the gun falling to the ground in the event of a shock. After five shots, your Shocking Laser will no longer be active so you need to reload. There will then be a five second delay so you need to time your reloading well and take cover. Once you have lost all three lives your gun will disable but don’t worry, if you are determined on revenge, you simply press the reset button and start again.

Accurate up to 8 metres.

Ages 14+

The size of the guns are approximately 20cm x 16cm.

Each Shocking Laser Gun requires 3 AAA batteries.