Aerobie 13 Pro Ring Orange

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The furthest thrown flying object in the world!

For exhilarating games of catch, nothing compares with the Aerobie Pro flying ring, holder of the Guinness World Record for the farthest throw - it flew an amazing 1,333 feet / 406 meters.

For truly exhilarating games of catch, the Pro ring has no equals. You can actually play catch with a friend more than 100 yards away. The soft rubber edge makes catching soft and easy. Even today, more than a decade after the Pro ring's creation, onlookers are still amazed by this incredible flying ring. Size: 13 inch diameter. Available in orange, yellow, and magenta. Ages 12 and up. Quality made in the U.S.A.


Needs a huge space.

Hard to throw straight and/or in wind but when you get it right it really flies. Not quite the 1/4 mile that it boasts (which seems to have been done off a cliff!) but further than any other flying disc.

Arrived quickly and very good price with free p&p. The Aerobie is the best flying disc you can buy

The aerobie is the usual standard i expected but i was most impressed by the speed of delivery and efficiency of the website which simplified the order process

Aerobie Pro flying ring

The Aerobie Pro flying ring is more than just a toy, especially if you are at all competitive. My daughter and I have spent hours trying to perfect our throwing and catching. Took a while but we're quite proficient now. It's excellent exercise, too, although you don't realize it at the time. By the way, we're 39 and 68.

Me and my dad are very good Frisbee throwers, the Aerobie 13inch pro is what we have purchased it is simply mind blowing. We throw it at a national trust ground witch covers acres of grassland of cricket and rugby pitches, and believe me that is just enough room.

  • 10/03/2012

SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ON, AND ON.

We love the Aerobie Pro and even our 2 year old can throw it - sent to our nephews for Christmas.


Fantastic buy, used to exercise our dogs. Flies true with fab distances, great colours for finding the odd times that gets to far away or dogs decide to leave it behind

Aerobie 13 in Pro Ring

This was purchsed to exercise our dogs. The fact that it flies so true and at a good distance makes it one if not the best excercising tool I have had the pleasure of owning. Colours good for finding when not quite retrieved by the dogs.

Aerobie Pro Ring 13 and 10 inch

I have now purchased several(nine)aerobie flying rings.I throw them for my dog to chase and catch wonderful exercise.The distance I can achieve is far greater than throwing a ball(including usig a throwing stick). It does take practice to achieve good distance.