Tri-Key 3-in-1 Phone Gadget - Splitter, Stand & Headphone Tidy

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Neat and compact, you will not believe the Tri-Key from Paladone Products has three phone accessories all in one gadget. The Tri-Key combines an audio splitter, a stand and an earphone tidy to create the perfect gift for any man on the move.

The Tri-Key measures 7.5 cms in length, 3 cms in width and 1 cm in depth so will easily fit into any coat pocket or bag. It’s super lightweight too. The audio splitter can be detached from the top of the Tri-Key and inserted into the headphone jack of any phone or MP3 player. Once in position, two sets of headphones can then be inserted into the splitter allowing two people to listen to the same device. Much better than having to share a headphone and not being able to listen in stereo.

To use the stand, simply pull the J shaped attachment at the bottom of the Tri-Key towards you and insert your phone into the gap. Slide the attachment up and down the phone until you have achieved the best position for viewing.

The body of the Tri-Key contains grooves into which the cable from your headphones can be wrapped. Insert the ear buds of the headphones into the space provided and hold them in place by wrapping the cable around them.