Swiss Bricks Stackable Customisable Multi Tool

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If you never lost your childhood love of construction toys, the Swiss Bricks multi-tool is for you. The Swiss Bricks multi-tool consists of four mini building bricks each containing a separate tool. You can assemble them together in any combination you like and separate them when you need to use one of the tools.

The yellow Swiss Brick contains a mini torch and keychain which you turn on by pressing one of the studs on top of the brick. The green Swiss Brick contains a bottle opener, the red Swiss Brick contains a flat head screwdriver and the blue Swiss Brick contains a cross head screwdriver. Each is installed securely within the Swiss Brick and can be accessed by pushing forward the button on the side of the brick.

The Swiss Bricks multi-tool is the perfect stocking filler or small gift for any man who loves to be of use.