Desktop Status Bar - Fun Office Gift Dry Wipe

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Update your status the low-tech way with the Desktop Status Bar from Paladone Products. If you can’t resist letting the world know how you feel but are too busy to visit any social networking sites during office hours, the Desktop Status Bar will let colleagues know exactly how you’re feeling.

Simply write your name in the space with the dry wipe marker pen provided and flip the pre-printed status updates over until you find the most apt. There are fifteen status updates ranging from ‘... is surrounded by incompetence’ to the slightly incriminating ‘… is here in body only’. Be prepared to accept all responsibility for any official warnings/instant dismissals resulting from an overly honest status update.

The Desktop Status Bar is re-useable and with a choice of fifteen updates you’ll always find one to suit your mood. Measuring a compact 18 cms in width and 9 cms in height, it won’t take up too much room on your desk. It contains a few serious updates such as ‘… is in a meeting’ so it also acts as useful office stationery as well as a fun item.

The Desktop Status Bar is part of Paladone Products’ Office Antics range designed to offer a host of office boredom solutions.